Welcome to Hydroventuri

We specialise in the development and application of innovative and cost effective gas exchange, mixing, chemical dosing and aeration technology.  

Our extensively qualified and experienced team can also provide the highest level of value added service to customers on technology transfer, process application and system design support, both pre and post installation. 

We design and build both complete stand-alone treatment systems as well as systems to augment or upgrade existing plant, to enable the treatment of a diverse range of liquids, including but not limited to:

  • municipal wastewater effluent
  • industrial wastewater effluent
  • landfill, contaminated land and bulk-stored material leachates 
  • produced water from extractive industries; e.g. Shale Gas, Tight Oil, Metals Refining 
  • agricultural wastes and digestate liquors

Our systems can introduce any gas, liquid or solid in suspension into another liquid with excellent ‘whole volume’ mixing capabilities.   Similar systems that uniquely enable heat transfer and provide process cooling are also available.

With diverse applications in Water and Effluent Treatment, Power Generation, Renewable Energy and selected Liquid Industrials, Hydroventuri has the ability to add value to core business performance and save its client’s money.

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